Have a Good Weekend!

I happen to work for a Jewish-owned business meaning I have the pleasure of taking days off of many of their holidays. This weekend is no exception as Passover is observed on Monday and Tuesday. So for the weekend, I’ll be here. Mr. Incredible liked the idea of taking the train to explore Los Angeles,

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16 Popular Names Ruined by Urban Dictionary

There’s no escaping the savagery of Urban Dictionary as some of these names are ruined forever. Luckily for the rest of us, only positivity exudes within our name. I’m talking to you, Courtney, David, Samantha, Amanda, and Josh! So without further adieu…

Common Zodiac Stereotypes

Whether you’re a Scorpio, Libra or Capricorn; your zodiac strings a stereotype that may seem annoying or flat out relatable. With that in mind, don’t be surprised when your peers say, “Oh that is so Leo of you.” Why? Because like it or not, there’s some truth to your character and your zodiac. The following are

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