Rattan Ball String Lights — $3 Decor!

String lights remind me of a perfect warm summer night where fireflies roam, and peace is achieved. At night, I turn off the lights in my living room just to look at this simple decor. There’s something that is just so mesmerizing about it!


When I found this at Target, I instantly knew what I wanted to do with it. The idea came from Urban Outfitters display of firefly string lights. I really wanted to get it, but the idea of paying $28 for such item was not meeting me eye to eye. I know this didn’t look like firefly string lights, but you get the idea. RIGHT?! So I got this colorful string lights for $3 at Target and this is what I did with it:
There are 10 lights in the package and it is battery operated. I think this is a really thrifty snag for its price compared to competing stores that would sell them for double.
Now I’m just making a mess!
What’s your favorite decor that you got for a deal!? Let me know! And happy shopping!
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