Chocolate Covered Strawberry DIY

A few years ago, I bought chocolate covered strawberries for my grandpa because he’s never tried it before. While I was waiting for my bill, I was surprised to find out that I was paying $10 for only four pieces. I guess it’s my fault because I didn’t check for the price.


A few years forward, Chris gave me a chocolate melter for Valentine’s Day. Our goal was to make chocolate covered strawberries like how I made them today, but not knowing any better, we ended up with fondue. It was messy, and not what we predicted.
This is literally what you need to make everything.
1. Wax paper to place the dipped chocolates on
2. Strawberries (No brainer!)
3. Chocolate of your choosing. I used semi-sweet specially with super sweet strawberries. I just love the mix of sweet and bitter all together.
4. Shortening is my holy grail for chocolate when it thickens. Just put a pinch in the mixture when the chocolate isn’t as smooth anymore.
5. Nuts! (Optional) I love the crunch!
This is the type I used for chocolate. I find that chocolate chips tend to melt faster and easier. You can either use your microwave or stove to melt them. Lucky for me, I have a chocolate melter, but if you don’t have one, fear not! Use a small pan, put in low heat (the lower the better), and stir. If the chocolate thickens, use a pinch of shortening to the mixture.
Remember the part when I said that me and Chris ended up making fondue? It was because our strawberries were wet so the chocolate didn’t easily adhere to the fruit. What I always do is rinse the strawberries and air dry them over night. If you don’t have time, just dab them with paper towels.
Dip the strawberry and make a mess! Seriously, that’s exactly what I did. Add white chocolate for swirls, nuts, coconut chips, or anything you like with your concoction! It’s very easy to do.
The whole thing cost me $8.oo instead of $10 that I spent for four pieces years ago. I definitely have more to share and making them is super fun.
Happy Hump Day!
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