Flowers & Mason Jars

After work, I went to the grocery store to pick up some last minute ingredients for dinner. I wasn’t expecting to walk out of the store with a bouquet of flowers with me but I did. Why? Because they were only $3.00 each!

It’s interesting how I love decorating my apartment, but I have no vase, so I had to improvise. I used my mason jars to do the trick.

They look so much prettier in mason jars than what I had imagined them in a longer vase.


Is it obvious that I have a favorite?


I hope you are all having a lovely day because guess what? It’s the weekend again! TGIF!
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  1. Honestly, I think Mason jars work perfectly as vases. I love to keep them around because I can make teas and lemonades in them for when I come home from work, I can store leftover food in them, dried goods in my pantry, and yes, put cut flowers in them. I guess that's the minimalist in me – take advantage of all the uses! Now I need to get some new flowers.


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