Two Decors in Under $8 That Will Keep Your Home Feeling Like Summer All Year Round!

The days are getting shorter, and summer is almost over. I’m missing everything about the ocean so I thought that I should share this little inspiration that I did to preserve a little summer memorabilia right at home. Any of you notice that I’m a fan of mason jars? I’m sure most of you are too!
1. A collection of shells! Putting a collection of shells in a jar is such an easy way to keep the ocean right at home. It’s a simple reminder that summer will just be right around the corner!
2. Beach in a jar. When putting this together, the feeling of sand on my hand just took me right at the sea. That being said, a collection of sand, shells, and tea light just sets the mood for a calm and peaceful home.
What you’ll need:
*There are many items that you can purchase online for such an affordable price, but from my experience, there are some that are better to purchase in person. Like mason jars. Try heading to your local dollar store or thrift shop and you’d be amazed.
What will you be doing on these last few days of summer?
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  1. I actually saw something similar to this a few years back at a designer homewares/furniture store. It was more like a large hurricane jar that was only 1/8 full of sand and a small sprinkling of shells and I was so besotted with it. I can't remember the price and because I don't own it it's probably safe to say that it was priced pretty absurdly for me to walk away from lol. I love this DIY, it's so simple and reminded about that piece. I might try to recreate it over our summer here when I get a chance to hit the beach and find some pretty shells.



  2. So true! Most of the pretty things we see on Pinterest are soooooo easy to do, we just need to put in the effort to buy the things needed and put it together!


  3. I totally know what you're talking about! I see pretty decors like these in stores like say… Pottery Barn at a crazy amount of price and I'm like… I'll just make it! I'm thinking of actually buying a bigger jar but for another project! I hope you try something of the like! It's very affordable!


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