Delicious Strawberry Mango Kale Smoothie for Breakfast!

Any of you ever buy fruits or veges that ends up sitting in your fridge for the longest time until they’re overripe? You think of how much money you waste just to throw them away. Same thing happened to me. The mango that I bought a few weeks ago was really hard that I decided to wait until they were good to eat up. Well, I waited too long that they turned out really soft and squishy. It’s not the type of mangoes I like so the frugal part of me decided to make smoothies out of it!

What you’ll need:
2 cups kale
1 1/2 cups mango
1 cup strawberry
1 1/2 cups orange juice
1 cup of milk

Toss them all in the blender and enjoy! 
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  1. We went through a serious juicing phase and then it abruptly stopped! They are indeed good. I never thought I could drink anything green like that, but I really liked them.


  2. I do this all the time with fruit, except I don't realise until they've spoilt. Like some passionfruit I brought weeks ago, only remembered yesterday that I brought them. I've also brought strawberries 2 days ago that I only remembered right now coming here loooool. I think I'll toss them into the blender for breakfast tomorrow!



  3. I'm so mad that this delicious recipe came up after I just sold my blender—I had not used it in such a long time, but now I regret not having the ability to make a smoothie like this! It looks yummy 🙂

    Beauty V. Brains | a fashion and beauty blog for smart girls who like stuff


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