A Brief Introduction About The Blogger

Hello, I’m Abby. A few days ago, I turned in my resignation letter from a company that while most would describe as horrendous, I called a blessing. I didn’t think I would last that long in such a business, but the fact that I did only shows that I’m strong minded. Starting next week, I’m starting a whole new chapter in my life, and let me tell you, I’m all shades of nervous. But, change is good.
Moving on, yesterday was just a gorgeous day. We’re not always blessed by an overcast, but I was lucky enough to see it all. There’s nothing more awesome than waking up to a not so sunny window side. You have no idea how much I’ve detested summer mornings with the sun greeting me with the most annoying heat wave. Granted that we do have the ac unit on at all times, it still bothers me that it’s hot on the other side of that wall.
I don’t think I’ve ever introduced you all to my two dogs. The small one is named Haru. She’s a yorkie mix with the tricks up her sleeves. No really, she’s really smart. And then there is Kobi who was adopt exactly one year ago. He’s the sticks to me like cling wrap, but I appreciate his lovable company. I don’t have to point out who’s who, right?
This post is a mess. The sole purpose of this entry was to write about this infinity scarf, but I got all kinds of discrated! I wore this for the first time yesterday in celebration of the overcast. I got this at Target last month for only $3. I swear. I just love finding bargained deals as I’m really practical with my income.
Lastly, I apprecite all your comments and visits! I know I’m a little behind on all the replies, but I promise that I’ll catch up to them. I love all of your support! Thank you!
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