That One Overcast Sunday Afternoon

I don’t have children of my own for selfish reasons, but I do have two dogs. My three-year old is Haru, and the two-year old is Kobi. I don’t think they realize how important they are to me because without them, I wouldn’t feel so grounded. They fill-in the void of emptiness in the room with their playful demeanor.
It was a Sunday afternoon when we took these photos. It was an overcast day which was normally lovely, but that day was a bit off. Perhaps the blistering cold weather had something to do with it? When I took these photos, I kept telling Haru to stay still. Normally, she would look at the camera but since she was outside, she seemed absolutely distracted. Dogs will be dogs.
BTW, who else is sad that the holidays are over? We are too </3
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