The Usual Sunday Vibes

I do the groceries every Friday after work. I either stock up on salmon, chicken or ground turkey as meat for the week with a variation of vegetables. Don’t get me wrong– my lifestyle isn’t necessarily healthy, but I do put an effort. Among the vegetables that I get are zucchini and mushrooms. You’d think that I’d get tired of them by now, but I’m not! I would feel so wrong to go home without those in my shopping bags.

This is a peek of my main dish for the week. Honestly, I wish I had chosen salmon, but I had that last week, so I was afraid that I’d get tired of it.

Lately, I’ve also been thinking about shifting back to vegetarianism, but I feel like I’d miss out on all  the good food. So much for self-control, right? I was actually a vegetarian for two years back when my grandma used to be around. It was easy to follow such practices because she was the one that mostly cooked my food.

I’m a bit happy with how these photos turned out because I creatively tapped out today. But you should all have seen my kitchen this morning when I cooked this. It was a MESS! I also almost cut my finger when I dropped a knife while washing the dishes (stories behind the photos are more interesting, right?!). I think it should be noted, that I’m the clumsiest person alive. Some people can attest to this. Seriously.

I hope you that you’re all having a wonderful Sunday and a week ahead! xoxo!

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  1. Yes stories behind the photos always, always make for interesting reads! I'm much the same as you, total klutz especially in the kitchen. Weird shit happens to me in there so cutting oneself with a knife while washing does not surprise me the slightest. I'm more perplexed how this hasn't happened to me yet.



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