Dessert First!


There’s good and bad news to having weekend days off. The good news is that, well… It’s the weekend and everyone with normal a schedule gets to enjoy it with you. The bad news is when you need to go for a doctor’s appointment but none of those days are ever an option. So then, you’re left requesting some time off to take that much needed errands out of the way. Today, I did just that.
I want to say that it’s been one eventful day, but it really hasn’t been. I’ve been running around since the morning doing things that I can’t normally do on the weekend as mentioned above, and fixing paperwork for school. Also, I’ve been feeling under the weather which is making me feel irritated about everything and anything! The only thing that cheered me up was this group chat that I started with my former coworkers and a stop to this bakery that I’ve been wanting to go to for months.
It seems as though my blogs has been out of whim lately. I really didn’t intend to take these shots, but I needed a creative outlet to clear my head. I think they turned out well, don’t you?
I hope you are all having a super fantabulous week!
Note: The truffles are from an event that I attended hosted by Yelp.
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  1. These photos are gorgeous. And so are those treats. OMG drooling right now. I'd kill for some cake instead of the camembert and crackers I am eating for lunch. It's funny I'd forgotten all about the struggles of working during the week. Yes you can never get anything done and by the weekend you can never be assed to do so anyway.



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