Too Much Inspiration But So Little Time

I stay true to buying flowers every Friday specially when they are on sale. Truth be told, I snagged all these flowers for $6 last Friday, and I couldn’t be anymore happier. By night time, I was arranging them on my kitchen counter almost resembling a horticulture lab with cool air breezing through my apartment window. It was pure bliss. The next day, I gathered up all my decors and assembled all this! It looks like Pinterest threw up all over my table, right? That’s a good thing for a blogger like me. You can never have too much inspiration in life. Sometimes, I have more inspirations than I have more time!
I hope you’re all having a fantastic Sunday! I challenge all of you to do something creative this coming week!
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  1. abby kihano? is that you? o.O I had no idea you still read my stuff!! i only recognized you by your photo on the left.. this isn't the old blog -something robot. Very nice layout, everything is clean~ Hope life is treating you awesome and everything.. you got married last time I heard from you.

    Sadly we are two of very few bloggers who still update. Everybody else gave up and turned to instagram which isn't the same…


  2. I always get excited when I see flowers on sale! Only the flower shop in my neighborhood is unpredictable as to when they go on sale. I wish they went on sale regularly like yours. These flowers you got are gorgeous!


  3. I still can't help but LOL at the “Pinterest threw up in my apartment”. I do see a wonderful spread though. And I am still so envious of those $6 blooms. Next time I'm in Vegas you have to show me this place so I can fill my hotel room with all kinds of prettiness hehehe!



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