A Sunday Rewind

I have a thing for adorable things like cute little cupcakes, Disney, and Funko Pops. There was a time in which I questioned whether my friends think I’m a kid at heart or just plain Asian. It was confirmed by many that I’m a kid at heart. Maybe there’s just a part of me that’s afraid of completely growing up, but I’m in love with everything CUTE! I wanted to extend that interest via these photos. 
By the way, did I mention that I snagged that cake stand for only $5? I got it at Target from one of their season/discounted sections by the store front. I always have to stop by that section before I walk around the store. I’ve been meaning to add a cake stand in my collection of decors which actually makes no sense because I hardly like cake. I know, I’m a walking contradiction.
I hope you all have a wonderful week! Watch Disney movies to take a pause from you super important adult life! We all need it sometimes. 
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  1. Disney movies really are the best! You're never too old for them 🙂 Such a sweet cake stand, too! That front section at Target can have some great finds.


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