Creativity Happens Naturally


I wasn’t too sure what I was going to photograph this weekend since I’ve been uninspired lately. I sat on my dining room floor playing a game when my roommate handed me a plate of springrolls. Instinctively, I grabbed my camera to take photos of the beautifully plated food on a bed of lettuce. At first, I was going to Snapchat the entry and move on. But then the artsy fartsy in me began to kick in!
 He also asked if I was interested in potstickers to enhance the composition of the photo, and I just couldn’t deny the suggestion. It’s interesting how my blog posts turn out because they’re usually not planned. They really just happen out of whim. Luckily, they all happen to be before Sunday! There’s never a weekend where I run out of ideas for this blog. Somehow, inspiration tends to come my way despite my last minute pursuits. Truly, my muse is watching over me! And thank heavens for roommates that saves the day on blog posts!
I hope you all have a fantastic upcoming week!
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