In the Middle

I’ve had my share of sheer laziness with nothing but hours of binge watching tv shows on Netflix. For the past few weeks, I thrived on nothing but the literal meaning of “Netflix and chill”, and I am not ashamed of my unhealthy habits. But I put a stop to my uneventful living by going to shows and concerts for the past weeks.

Sunday: Elli Goulding @ Mandalay Bay

Honestly, I’m exhausted, but I feel soulful.
In addition to my eventful week, my mother visited me from Texas with my step-dad. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them, so it was a treat to have their company for the weekend.
I’ve also been eating great food lately which worries the sh*t out of me because it’s catching up with me! I think it’s time to hit the gym once again!
Besides that, life has been good over here, and I hope yours is just as easy going!
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