Ramen Days

I don’t know if any of you has noticed, but I’m a self-proclaimed foodie. Actually, I don’t think you can say that I’m self-proclaimed anymore because I became a Yelp Elite last year. I was inspired to pursue the title after reading this detailed review about a Vietnamese restaurant from a guy I’m not going to name. Every detail written for the review was carefully articulated to represent an honest opinion for that particular restaurant. It was beautiful.

From then on, I cleaned up my two to three sentence reviews to something more detailed to share my experience. Luckily, I got some people to vote my reviews as useful, funny and cool which helped me earn the title after the nomination.

One of the first restaurants that I reviewed was Ramen Sora. I’m not much of a ramen fan unless it’s miso ramen deliciously prepared by them. Check out my review here.

What’s your favorite ramen restaurant?

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  1. That is actually really cool. I don't use Yelp (not sure if it's just an American thing or if I choose to remain sleeping under rocks lol) but I do see a lot of bloggers mention it. Not one is an “elite” though so go you for this title. And one that is well deserved too. You definitely have an eye for detail and appreciate food, as I've noted on Snapchat ;o)



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