Completely Checked Out

I had a slow morning last Sunday, and it was full of doggy cuddles. I tried to be productive, but I couldn’t find the motivation to do anything! I think everyone can relate to me when I say start describing what a lazy Sunday consist of, right? Bundled up in a blanket and watching tv with hair in a messy bun anyone? Subscribe me to that, please!
I’ve also been taking my dogs to the dog park lately which is so therapeutic for me. I love seeing them play with other dogs while I watch them run around and mingle! It’s honestly an overload of cuteness at its best.
Besides that, I’ve been consistently preoccupied with my upcoming online store. The only thing that’s a bit frustrating about the whole thing is the waiting game. Sure, I do everything on my own, but they’re some materials that I’m waiting for in the mail for a smooth operation; I’m talking about shipping materials, products, logo production, and other branding necessities. It’s a lot of stuff!
Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week lovely ladies & gentlemen!
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