Griffith Park With My Sister

I’ve always considered myself as the black sheep. Even though, I come from a huge family, I’ve managed to somehow be the odd one out. There’s nothing wrong with my family, but they seem to project a stronger bond with each other in which I feel is too late for me to join. Still, I consider my best friend Lorraine as family. She understands my mixed emotions and she’s doesn’t mind a long distance friendship! So, when I got to see her last Monday, I made sure to squeeze as many activities as I can with her!
One of the places I always visit in LA is the Griffith Observatory. You haven’t seen Los Angeles until you’ve seen it from that vantage point– it is awe-inspiring! When we got there, we made sure to take a bunch of selfies– because BFFs are obligated to take them! Right? 😛
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  1. Griffith Observatory is magical. Granted I only ventured up there at night, it was still one of my FAVE sights in LA. I even got to check out and look into that telescope (though I was a little underwhelmed, I expected to see billions of stars not a mass of cloudy something, mingling with actual clouds in the sky bahahaha!)



  2. It's always so nice when you get to hang out with Long Distance Friends and you pick up right where you left off. I think it's never too late to rebuild a relationship with your family. I was the black sheep in my family too, but over the past few years I've been rediscovering my family members and slowly improving my relationship with them.


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