When Asian Snacks Call

I’m one of those people that needs to be preoccupied at all times. This is specially true when the weekend begins and I have nothing planned. Still, I’m an introvert at heart because I have a lot of days when I like to sulk into my comfort zone and not do anything for the entire day.
But last Saturday was not one of those days. No, not at all. Everyone I knew was doing something special like snowboarding, hanging out with family, camping retreats, and eating out at fancy restaurants while I was at home doing absolutely nothing. Mind you, I was going out that night, but I felt a bit miserable seeing everyone having a good time. So… I did what I do best– EAT. And boy, was I satisfied.
Then after two hours I had to get ready to see Flo Rida in concert. See, I don’t know what the hell was wrong with me that day! But somehow, Asian snacks already turns my frowns upside down.
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  1. I've had days like that before where it seems like everyone is doing something exciting except me :O I think part of it has to do with social media constantly showing us the highlights of everybody's life without all the mundane activities and down time. Either way, asian snacks are prettyyyyy good, yum!


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