Grand Canyon Tour

View of the Hoover Dam from the Hoover Dam Bypass

I took a tour to Grand Canyon today. It’s amazing how long I’ve lived in Vegas, but I’ve never been there before. Considering that it’s only 2 hours away, I really don’t have an excuse as to why I shouldn’t have gone sooner. The tour itself was interesting as I’m not used to someone making an itinerary for me. But I did appreciate the day trip. The tour guide was filled with so many entertaining facts and tips about the canyon and anything related to Vegas.

The first stop was at the Hoover Dam bypass. We were only there for about twenty minutes until we hopped back on the bus to travel to Grand Canyon. May I just add how amazing it was to be in two different time zones? I mean, at one step, it was 8 AM and then a step forward, you’re in Arizona at 9 AM! How cool was that? Anyway, for a two-hour road trip, I thought that I was going to get a little antsy, but I didn’t. I loved every minute of it! After all, I was in good company.

Guano Point literally meaning bat dropping was one of the spots to be to get a 360 view of the canyon.
Rain happening on the over side of the canyon.
The high peak at Guano Point. People hiked and sat at the tip of it. I couldn’t bare to do it since being there was enough to shake a fright!

I have to admit that I was starting to question its existence. I know, it’s silly! It was not until… BAM! It was there! And it took my breath away. You only see the Grand Canyon in photos, but there’s nothing like being one with nature to justify its beauty. It was all shades of thrilling as I had to fight my fear of heights! Totally worth the anxiety, though.

I went on a cloudy day which was an easy tour because I imagined that it was going to be super HOT! Instead, there was rain on the other side of the canyon. At some point, you could see lighting which honestly scared the f*** out of me! By the end of the tour, it started raining. My friend and I planned to go to Eagles Point where the Skywalk, but it the rain continued to pour! Now, I can only wish I was there again. Is there a repeat button?!


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  1. I feel like sometimes it's the local attractions that slip by. Maybe because it's local and so we figure we can go at anytime. Then weeks, months, years go by and you wake up one day and decide it's time to go 😉 The Grand Canyon looks beautiful! I hope I get to go there again some day. I've only been there when I was a kid and at the time I had more interest in the colorful pebbles than the actual canyon xD


  2. I can't believe you hadn't been before! Then again the $30 entry fee is pretty steep (if you ask me). It all looks so different to when I was there and it was blanketed in snow. I wonder if I made it to this point? It doesn't look familiar, but again snow will do that! I loved both these places and can not wait to go back and see them again! Maybe you can join me next time! ;o)



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