Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

I think I left my heart in Virginia because I continue to think about it even though two months has passed since my last visit. From the interlocking foliage to the beautiful small towns are just what a city girl needs to consider a relocation! While Los Angeles and Las Vegas has been my home for years, there’s nothing like the country to truly appreciate nature. I mean every commute was like a scenic route to anywhere! Vast fields of greeneries with a backdrop of the mountains was absolutely breathtaking. They also had a generous share of the woods as many miles of long drives where trees from left to right.
My aunt took me to Harpers Ferry National Historical Park on my first day there. Being so close to Washington D.C., it’s neighboring states were rich in history. Who knew?! Harpers Ferry was located in West Virginia. It’s a small town with only a population of 286 as of 2010. While the town looks serene now, it had its brutal share of the American Civil War.
I couldn’t help but imagine a congestion of people running from every direction fighting to build a stable country. It’s a town filled with a scale of tragedy, legacy, accomplishments and trial by fire. At the end of the day, it continues to represent the bloody tribulations of the American history.
I only have two words for Harpers Ferry: haunting and awe-inspiring.
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