5 Tips to Aging Gracefully

e6949-house2bof2bakih2bagora2b11My mom is one of those people who could pass as my older sister if she wanted to. Her skin is close to immaculate which brings me to the hope that someday, I’ll be just like her! I’ll definitely be looking like a twenty-year-old in my 50s which is something I cannot complain about. While I’m still young to worry about aging, there are a few things I’ve already been doing to help slow the process.

1. Drink Water

Everywhere I go, I like to drink water! Why? Well, because it’s refreshing and it helps me feel energized! People often think that I’m unusual for ordering water everywhere I go, but truth be told, soda and other beverages tend to make me thirsty. So this habit pays off because when you’re consistently hydrated, your skin tends to look plump!

2. Skin Care Products

I like to use skin care products from different brands to see which ones work better. My personal favorite is the Cellexir Power Serum from Agora. It’s packed with all these feel good antioxidants that just makes my skin feel lighter and rejuvenated! It’s light on the skin but you can really feel its wonders.

3. Light Makeup

The only time I really wear makeup is on the weekends when I’m going out, but on most days, I rock the no-makeup-routine! Some of you might cringe at the idea of no makeup in public; if this is the case, wear light make up. Most importantly, let your skin breathe at least twice a week!

4. Stress Less

I’m one of those people that kind of takes every day as they go. Seriously, if you can’t control it, why worry? And if you can control it, why worry?!

5. Get Enough Sleep

Listen to your body. You don’t need 8 hours of sleep when you feel well-rested at 7 hours. The point is, don’t wake up in the morning hoping to snooze your alarm clock! Let your natural body clock take its course by giving it the proper rest!

Note: This is a sponsorship from Agora.care which is a luxurious skin care line that uses a cell to cell communication in all products. All opinion is solely mine. Check out their products here, and get the latest skin care news here.

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