What a Day With PMS is Like


We’ve all been a victim of PMS. For women, it’s that feeling of lethargy, mixed with anger, and a dash of sadness. These mixed emotions are frustrating as we prepare for Aunt Flo’s eminent arrival which, by the way, is an additional week of headache! Men, pay attention. PMS is the cycle where you’ll see us become walking contradictions. One minute we’re smothering you with affection and the next minute, we’re yelling at you for not saying ‘I love you’ within two seconds. But, let me explain… Women, have it hard.

Here’s what a day with PMS is like.

8:00 AM: We’re sleeping like a princess.

house of akih sleep in

We don’t even know what’s coming for us at that point. We’re snoozing our alarm clock and squeezing in more beauty rest like it’s a normal day.

8:15 AM: Something’s a little off.

house of akih brushing teeth

Hmm… It might not be anything. So we brush it off. Until 8:30 AM.

8:30 AM: We realize that we have no clothes. Nothing fits.

house of akih nothing fits

Okay, either we gained ten pounds in one day or our clothes shrunk. Even our favorite jeans look hideous during PMS week! Gross.

9:15 AM: We’re trying to hold it together.

house of akih Serious

We know it’s PMS when our morning starts off irritating for no reason. So, we’re trying to keep it together by staying silent for the rest of the day. Maybe, if no one bothers us, we’ll get through the day.

10:00 AM: We get emotional about the little things. Even coffee.

house of akih coffee.gif

Our work best friend knows something’s off so they offer something to assist us through these trying times. Why are we crying over coffee again?

11:00 AM: We’re easily insulted.

house of akih excuse me.gif

It doesn’t matter if you’re Mother Theresa, if you ask us to do something, we will give you an attitude. Uh-uh. No today. We’re bloated, emotional, and hungry.

12:30 PM: Lunch with the work BFF.

house of akih food best friend.gif

PMS is like a bad case of hangry except, there’s no guarantee we’ll be less aggravated after eating.

1:00 PM: We’re walking like Beyonce.

house of akih gum

We’re a queen, and we got ourselves together like me, myself and I.

1:15 PM: Psyche.

house of akih pmsing10

It’s only 1:15 PM. Can this day be any longer?! There should be a week off for women suffering from PMS because all we want to do is curl up in bed and think about our sad life.

3:15 PM: We’re not having a bad day after all!

house of akih smile.gif

No, really. This smile we have on is genuine. What a pretty day filled with rainbows and butterflies.

3:45 PM: This is what a 10-minute break looks like.

house of akih emma stone eating icecream.gif

In a duration of ten minutes we managed to eat a pint of icecream while simultaneously took a hard look at our life bad life choices.

4:45 PM: We can’t take it anymore.

house of akih sad.gif

We don’t even know why we’re crying, honestly. But it’s giving us the feels.

5:15 PM: Food is the only companion that truly understands what we’re going through.

house of akih food

Can we marry food?

6:00 PM: Hanging out with the boyfriend! He always makes everything feel better.


He’s seriously the best man alive.

6:30 PM: Boyfriend just insulted us right now.


How dare they say, we look good in our sweatpants? Like, if they really thought we looked like a hippoe, they should’ve just said it! WTH!?!?!?!?!?!

What Every Man Looks Like During Their Girlfriend’s PMS:

house of akih dr who.gif

Defeated. But we mean, all the hints and clues were there. Why couldn’t they figure out?! Ugh!

7:00 PM: Life isn’t fair.

house of akih tantrum

None of our clothes fit. We’re hungry. We’re depressed. We’re happy. We’re sad. We’re everything but content.

8:00 PM: Everything hurts.


9:00 PM: At the end of the day, we’re trying to keep it together, but nothing in our body wants to cooperate.


Nope. Nope. Nope.

The Next Day:

house of akih period.gif


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