Chasing Adventure

House of Akih 1

Find me where I can get my shoes dirty.

Search for trails where we can get lost.

Never mind the time. Never mind our obligations.

House of Akih 2

Let’s wonderlust,

run wild

&be free.

House of Akih 2

I want to witness thousands of miracles with you.

Whether that’s from the birds chirping

or the gust of wind against our body.

House of Akih 3

Let’s collect moments

to tell our grandchildren.

Tell them about the time we chased adventureHouse of Akih 1

without a plan.

House of Akih 4

Let’s tell them the time we got lost

because we refused to follow the path.

Instead we found ourselves.

House of Akih 5

free-spirited without a care.